20:52 March 21 - Rumi [G+ post] 


20:52 March 21 - Rumi [G+ post] 

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DISCOVERY (Short Ver.) - Umeda Ayaka
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DISCOVERY (Short Ver.) - Masuda Yuka
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Two groups, two graduation stages, AKB48 and SKE48, Katayama Haruka and Katou Tomoko, Haachan and Mokomoko.
As member of 3rd gen, also Oota Aika was present at Haachan grad stage.

Photos from Yuasa Hiroshi and Imamura Etsurou G+

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Kojiyuu Handshake Reports

F = Fan
H = Haruna
Y = Yuko
italics = The fans’ personal comments

F: Hello
H: Un
F: Um, have you seen Yuko’s personal clothing today! It’s really cute~


H: Un
F: Although~ It looks a little like pajamas (laugh)
That comment seemed to have struck a nerve… O.O
H: Nonsense!!! It’s very cute, very stylish!!! (pouts)
F: Eh?
*fan is pushed away*
H: And it was very expensive!! (бвб) 
I didn’t know that set of pajamas was very expensive…
Wait how did you know that Kojima-san!

F: Ne… Today’s personal clothing is very cute
Y: Really~ Thank you
F: Nyannyan also said that it looks cute!
Y: Un~ Nyannyan is very cute right!! (-∀-`) (doya face)
F: No, I meant Nyannyan said that you look cute
Y: EH!!! (eyes wide open) She said that I look cute huh~
F: No! Nyannyan said your clothes
Y: Eh?! Really… That’s strange, when buying it she clearly said that it was ugly
F: Huh! You two went together and bought it?
Y: Un! We went together~ Nyannyan bought it (-∀-`) 
Listening to this statement made it unclear whether they went together to buy it or Nyannyan bought it for her
F: Hahaha really 
Didn’t know how to answer so I could only laugh

TN: They probably went together and Nyannyan bought it for her

F: Actually I’m a Kojiyuu fan, how is your relationship with Kojima-san recently? Still good? 
Y: I’ve been spending a lot of time with Kojima-san recently, even during our private time. I just don’t write about it
F: You’re lying! Go write about it!
Yuko refuses while shaking her head (-∀-`)三(´-∀-)

F: I’d love to really date Nyannyan, what should I do to be able to? 
Y: (Looks above) That’s impossible
F: Eh…
Y: (Looks above again) That’s impossible
*fan is pushed away*
Y: Nyannyan is mine
F: orz

140323 Oshima Yuko Thanksgiving Festival
F: I became a fan because of Kojiyuu!
Y: Ah~ Really?
F: From now too… &#*+&#*% 
Wanted to say that I would continue to support Kojima-san but was pushed
Y: Kojiyuu is forever! 
While saying that, Yuko gave me a thumbs up along with the bestest smile

TN: “Kojiyuu is forever” is something that Yuko has said quite a few times


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Last handshaking event for:
- Katayama Haruka (graduation stage on september 29)
- Nonaka Misato
- Kikuchi Ayaka

(from Yuasa Hiroshi G+ - post1, post2, post3)

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