Takahashi Minami Monomane by Ogasawara Mayu
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Milk Planet (Mayuyu x Karen x Yui) (by fujienyan)

From Sailor Zombies.

can’t wait for a full pv.

Iwata Karen Google+ April 18th, 2014


Good morning !!

Yesterday I had a headache so I went to bed early (u_u)

And then the other day, I finished all my scene for Sailor Zombie!!

Had so much fun at filming location

I feel grateful to have the chance to participate in this project 

Sailor Zombie, everyone please watch it !!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


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Mutou Tomu G+ 2014/04/17

ヤングマガジン 逆指名48人水着グラビアに立候補します\(^o^)/I’ll present my candidacy for Young Magazine’s reversed nomination 48 persons in swimsuit gravure \(^o^)/(1)で!For the (1)!どうせやるなら表紙に載りたいよね( ̄▽ ̄)If I do it I wanna be published on the front cover ( ̄▽ ̄)当たりますように(^^)☆Let’s hope to win (^^)☆


Mutou Tomu G+ 2014/04/17

ヤングマガジン 逆指名48人水着グラビアに立候補します\(^o^)/
I’ll present my candidacy for Young Magazine’s reversed nomination 48 persons in swimsuit gravure \(^o^)/

For the (1)!

どうせやるなら表紙に載りたいよね( ̄▽ ̄)
If I do it I wanna be published on the front cover ( ̄▽ ̄)

Let’s hope to win 

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Matsui Jurina’s Google+ Updates 14-17/04/2014


14/04 16:08

Today is leisure make up♡♡


14/04 16:46

Make-up completed\(^o^)/

Cute Anna♡♡


14/04 20:49

It was fun\(^o^)/

The new opening girls♡♡

First generation♪♪


14/04 20:53

 The event makes my heart pounding\(^o^)/

I’m happy everyone did Diver Diver♡♡ *Wota chants


14/04 20:58

Idol Nante Yobanaide

I did it♡♡

with Makiko, Yakata-chan, and Tsuzuki-chan♪♪

I have to sing that slighty embarassing lyrics since we sing it full (><)

Even though dressed as Egashira-san was more embarassing (lol)

Today is surely full with cute songs(/▽\)♪


14/04 22:29


Even though the twintail is same…(><)



15/04 14:36

Sleepy (><)

I’ll work hard today as well ♪

15/04 22:48

I’ll do my best tomorrow too !!


15/04 22:50

Tomorrow is the last performance of Team K…(><)

Though I’m having this lonely feeling,

for that reason, there won’t remain any regrets in this performance…。


15/04 22:55

I’m glad 6th gen also start using G+ ♡♡

So cute(/▽\)♪

北川綾巴 originally shared:
How do you do。

I’m Kitagawa Ryoha from SKE48 6th generation (´っω・。`)♪

Starting today please take care of me!
16/04 17:24

See you later(><)


16/04 21:39

It was fun\(^o^)/

It was really last performance of Seishun Bell ga Naru…

I feel lonely (><)


4/16 22:58

The bond between two people in Oshima team K also deepened (^^)

I can overcome difficulties because I was with Nao-chan…♡


4/17 00:24

If I become alone, I feel lonely…(><)

"You can depend on us" and give me kind words, I love Oshima team K that full of older sister ♡♡♡ 

Chika-chan also one of them (^^)

At first, I called you Chikano-san…

But there was a time when you ask “why you call me Chikano-san?

"Chika-chan is so nice" I said, and I began to call you Chika-chan !!

After that, the distance between us became more closer\(^o^)/

That’s why, even though I feel lonely…

I’m glad we could stand on the stage together until the last.

I was moved by your strong words.

Me too, I’ll work hard to be able to say that I have grown up when we meet again !!


4/17 00:32

That was really fun ♡♡

Thank you for your warm cheers until the end!!

I still can’t believe it was the last (><)

I won’t waste things I’ve learned and I’ve experienced in Oshima team K, do my best from now on !!

I love everyone (^^)

I think I’ll have good dreams tonight…♪♪



Source : Matsui Jurina’s Google+
Translated & edited by : crazykuroneko & Matsuru of Juurina
Shared by : Juurina


Maeda Ami G+ 2014/04/17

Team K’s senshuuraku will remain in mt mind as an amazing stage (・v・)

It’s end so I feel like I departed to steadily search myself as Team A’s member. (人´口`)

Ooshima Team K is endless but…
In the next team I’ll do my best once again 
With Yuuko-chan~ lol

(I only kept the part about team k, the rest of the translations is on the original post)

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